Go to https://activityinsight.uncg.edu and enter your standard UNCG username and password.

UNCG authentication login screenshot asking for username and password

For Summer 2018, access to Activity Insight is limited to pilot participants and individuals such as college/school liaisons responsible for verifying Activity Insight reports. Following the summer activity data entry and reporting pilot, access to Activity Insight will be expanded.

Accounts in Activity Insight fall into these categories:

Faculty Accounts

At UNCG, accounts able to login and “track activities” such as teaching schedules, publications, grants, presentations and other activities will be limited to current, non-temporary faculty.

Administrative Accounts

These accounts are for employees who have responsibilities in Activity Insight (AI) but will not be tracking activities.

“Disabled” Accounts with “Track Activities” on

UNCG temporary faculty and non-faculty employees who teach for-credit courses (staff who teach and graduate teaching assistants) will have accounts with “track activities” turned on for the limited purpose of tracking activities for accreditation and other administrative reporting requirements. Limited activity data such as teaching schedules will be fed into Activity Insight from Banner. As needed, additional information may be entered by administrative staff who manage data on behalf of instructors. Individuals with “Disabled” accounts are unable to login to Activity Insight to enter data themselves.

When non-temporary faculty leave the University, their accounts are also changed to “Disabled,” but “Track Activities” remains on. This option preserves past activity information for reporting purposes, but prevents former faculty members’ accounts from appearing in screens intended only for current faculty, such as faculty annual review screens. The faculty review process in Activity Insight cannot be used for disabled accounts.

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