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Wonder Media Network (WMN) is a pioneering audio-first media company that uses stories to inspire action, to promote equality and justice, and to introduce empathy into politics, business, and culture.

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She Votes! is a new podcast about the long history of suffrage. From the “female Jon Stewart” of the 1920s, to the root of today’s voter suppression tactics, each episode digs into one story about women’s struggle to obtain the right to vote. Hosts Lynn Sherr and Ellen Goodman, who waged their own feminist battle as journalists in the 1970s, speak with some of the leading historians and writers of the women’s suffrage movement. Listeners will walk — and march — alongside some of history’s most prominent players.



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On Wonder Media Network’s flagship show, Host Jenny Kaplan seeks to understand the state of gender representation in office and asks how Congress would change if it looked more like the people it represents. In the first season, she spoke with women on the campaign trail. In Season 2, she’s talking to women serving in the House of Representatives.




The Brown girls Guide to Politics


The Brown Girls Guide to Politics is the one stop shop for women of color who want to hear and talk about the world of politics. Host A’shanti Gholar leads conversations with women changing the face of politics. Episodes include interviews with politi- cians, candidates, and influencers.




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In 2020, women are not in the US Constitution…and they never have been. Now, nearly 100 years after the Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced, it is on the cusp of finally being ratified. Ordinary Equality tells the full story of a landmark amendment that passed, failed, was resurrected, and now has the potential to change US history once and for all. Host and human rights attorney Kate Kelly presents the untold stories of the revolutionaries, the activists, the dissenters, and so much more.


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