The suffrage movement resulting in the passage of the 19th Amendment (women’s right to vote) in 1920 may be dated to at least the mid-19th century. Like other movements for social and political change in the nation, it was a decades-long grassroots undertaking. In communities across America and internationally, people picketed, negotiated, and sacrificed to gain not only women’s voting rights, but equal access to education, employment, and health care. While the movement in the U.S. was able to pass the Constitutional amendment through acts of extraordinary courage and determination, it was also riddled with contradictions and exclusions. Most notably, and with long-lasting effects in our society, African-American women and recent immigrants were excluded from the white-female dominated movement. Delving into this history helps us both recognize how far we have come, and how far we still have to travel in the ongoing struggle for equality and justice in the nation.

Throughout 2020-2022, UNC Greensboro presents “She Can, We Can: Beyond the Women’s Suffrage Centennial.” Through a diverse and inclusive series of events, discussions, and performances we ask: what political advances and compromises resulted in the passage of the 19th Amendment, and how have these shaped issues of equity in our own time?

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rovost Debbie Storrs, Ph.D.

Created through an exemplary collaboration across academic affairs, She Can, We Can explores the history of inequality and injustice while showcasing the continued pursuit for inclusion and justice. I am excited to engage our shared commitment to learn, study, and make a difference in who we are, what we do and what we will become. I encourage you to join the collaborative effort and hope to see you at some of these important events this academic year.

Dr. Debbie Storrs
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Steve Haines

Curating “She Can, We Can: Beyond the Women’s Suffrage Centennial” has been a very special experience. The theme was chosen by the thirty extremely bright faculty, students and other campus leaders who make up the fittingly named UNCG Collaborations Committee; and has prompted a tremendous amount of healthy discussions and learning in the year leading up to this massive interdisciplinary effort.

As UNCG began as a women’s white college, we wanted to take an honest and inclusive look at what happened 100 years ago and compare it with issues of equity that we face today. Some of things I’ve read about are inspiring. Many are quite frankly appalling. Ultimately, we aim to make UNCG a more equitable place today. This theme brings great hope and inspires me to imagine how a generation 100 years from now will judge the decisions I make today.

I would like to thank the Collaborations Committee, the Proposal Selection Committee, our community partners and sponsors, and especially former Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Dana Dunn, Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr. and Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Debbie Storrs for their unwavering support.

Steve Haines
Provost’s Faculty Fellow, 2019-2021

Collaborations Committee, 2020-2021

Dr. Omar Ali
Dean, Lloyd International Honors College

Janet Allard

Dr. Jamie Anderson

Dr. Tylisha Baber
Chemistry, Proposal Selection Committee

Dr. Raleigh Bailey
Center for New North Carolinians

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Your First Year Program

Dr. Angela Bolte
Assistant Dean, Lloyd International Honors College

Dr. Chuck Bolton
Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Chris Cassidy
Director of the School of Art

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Dr. William Crowther
Political Science

Nancy Doll
Director, Weatherspoon Art Gallery

Dr. Gavin Douglass
Music, Proposal Selection Committee

Dr. Asa Eger
History, Humanities Network and Consortium

Elaine Gustafson
Weatherspoon Art Gallery

Steve Haines
Curator, Committee Chair

Dr. Martin Halbert
University Libraries

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Dr. David Holley
Director of Opera

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student, history

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Intercultural Engagement, Proposal Selection Committee

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Head, Department of Dance

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student, CVPA

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student, CVPA

Dr. Greg O’Brien

Suzanne Polak
student, CVPA

Dr. Sarah Praskievicz
Geography, Environment, Sustainability, Program Selection Committee

Dr. Terri Shelton
Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement

Dr. Holley Sienkiewicz
Director of Research at the Center for New North Carolinians

Emily Stamey
Curator of Exhibitions, Weatherspoon Art Gallery

Emily Wiersma
New Student and Spartan Family Program