The Revised General Education Program Proposal

The General Education Revision Task Force has completed their work. A proposal for a revised program was sent to the UNC Greensboro General Education Council on Oct. 2, 2019.

The proposal is provided. This is the document that the Gen Ed Council will consider. If those faculty approve it, it will go to the Faculty Senate as a Resolution to be considered at the Oct. 16, 2019 Senate meeting.

The Task Force developed two other documents containing materials to be considered if the proposal is implemented:

  1. The first is a set of student learning outcomes and rubrics that were drafted as part of the proposal definition process. These SLOs and measurements should be considered during the implementation phase and reflect to a large extent the intended outcomes for this proposed program.
  2. The second document contains considerations that the Task Force presents to the faculty and staff who will implement the proposal. These represent points that the Task Force deliberated and recommend for consideration as the program and its processes are developed. They informed the proposal, but are not resolved in the proposal.
A survey has been created for the campus to provide feedback about the proposal.

The Task Force thanks all of the faculty and staff who involved themselves in the process to develop this proposal. Some people dedicated many hours to this project and earned our deepest gratitude. Others offered support through conversations and feedback. We truly appreciate those contributions as well. This proposal is a result of all of that work and is done for the good of our students.

General Education Revision Task Force Membership:

  • Co-Chair, Amy Harris Houk, Associate Professor/Head, Research, Outreach, and Instruction Department, University Libraries,
  • Co-Chair, Jodi Pettazzoni, Associate Vice Provost and Director, Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning,
  • Ian Beatty, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy,
  • Chuck Bolton, Associate Dean, Professor of History,
  • Angela Bolte, Assistant Dean, Lloyd International Honors College,
  • Frances Bottenberg, Lecturer, Philosophy,
  • Joi Bulls, Associate Professor and Director of HDFS Internship Program, Human Development and Family Studies,
  • David Carlone, Associate Professor, Communication Studies,
  • Kay Cowen, Professor, School of Nursing,
  • Jenny Dale, Reference Librarian and First Year Instruction Coordinator,
  • Ye (Jane) He, Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Higher Education,
  • Lisa Henline, Associate University Registrar,
  • Constance McKoy, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Music, School of Music,
  • Larry Taube, Associate Professor, Undergraduate Programs Director, ISSCM,
  • Aaron Terranova, Associate Professor, and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Kinesiology,
  • Dana Saunders, Director, Students First Office, Division of Enrollment Management,
  • Jennifer Stephens, Associate Director, UTLC,

Administrative Support

Lynn Wyrick, Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning,