1. Establish computer accounts (Banner/email)
    Set up computer account and password, Banner accounts
  2. Sign up for Workshops
    1. Dream Weaver to Maintain a Unit Website
    2. Create a personal website with Google Sites
    3. Learn to use Office 7 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    4. SAS and SPSS
    5. Introduction to Blackboard
  3. Set up telephone, voice mail, features, directory information
  4. Go to Human Resources-New Employee Orientation.
  5. Procure necessary keys/card readers/access readers to office/lab/building.
  6. Sign up for Parking location.
  7. Sign up and discover uses for your University ID.
  8. Requesting and using PCard for purchases
  9. Planning a conference or luncheon event
  10. Expense Re-imbursement for job relocation, candidate visits, ad placement, travel (BANFIN 32 and TRV-1 forms)
  11. Send new Employee Acceptance letter. Complete forms I-9, Illegal Code of Conduct, Authorization of background check.
  12. Point out Handbook for Faculty.