This guide has been designed to provide information related to Academic Affairs Administrative Staff (AAF) Support and their business processes. Your fellow AAF Staff Support Group has researched some ideas and suggestions to create a centralized checklist of some of the administrative support’s commonly-useful tasks.


Employee Orientation
Telephone Services


PC Computing
  • How do I fill out my timesheet?
  • What payroll forms are needed in order to get paid?
    Tax Form W4 Withholding Allowance Certification (Federal) (PDF)
    Tax Form NC4 Withholding Allowance Certification (State)
    Tax Form NC4EZ Withholding Allowance Certification (State)
  • How do I sign up for payroll Direct Deposit? See Direct Deposit Forms.
Travel Processing
Event Planning
Record Retention
Termination, Separation, or Moves within the University