How to Use The Metrics Tool

1. Choose a report. Click on the name of a report above to view it.

2. Choose UNCG only or compare with peer institutions. Deselect the checkboxes on the left to show only the institutions you wish to see.

To see only UNCG, uncheck the checkboxes until only UNCG is selected.

View UNCG statistics only by selecting only the UNCG box

To compare with our peers, select the system and/or national boxes.

Compare peer institutions with UNCG by clicking the checkboxes
3. Download the PDF to save and/or print the report. You can download this as a PDF to save and/or print it. Click the Download button at the bottom right.

download the PDF by clicking on the word PDF
Click the word PDF.

from the Tableau options select the top option which reads PDF. the other options are Crosstab, Data, or Image.

Click Download.

shows a pop up box which reads download pdf. the options are portrait or landscape, paper size, scaling, and more. simply click portrait and download.
Click Download again.

Shows the pop up box which reads Download PDF and a confirmatory message: the PDF file has been generated. Click Download rather than the other option, which is to Cancel.