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November 9, 2021


To:       UNCG Faculty & Staff

From:  Debbie Storrs, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

RE: Professional Track Faculty

In response to Faculty Senate RESOLUTION #FS04142021.6: To Unify Rank/Title Definitions and Promotion Criteria of Non-Tenure Track Faculty, the Non-Tenure Track Faculty Senate Committee, I am pleased to announce that all faculty currently in the umbrella term of “Non-Tenure Track Faculty” are now to be termed “Professional Track Faculty,” thus defining a large percentage of the UNCG faculty by what they are, rather than by what they are not.

This decision is central to the equitable treatment of all UNCG faculty and to the continued success of the University. This is but one answer to our Call to Action to be a university where equity, diversity, and inclusion are not only what we say but what we do, and more, who we are.

In support of this important shift in title, I am asking all members of the university community to immediately begin use of this title and begin to update webpages, paperwork, forms, etc. to reflect this change. The Provost Office has already begun this work on central administration documents.

Professional Track Faculty is our new umbrella term, colleges/schools may continue to use additional titles as codified in the Policy on Faculty Rank/Title Definitions.