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October 6, 2021

To: UNCG Faculty and Staff

From: Debbie Storrs, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

RE: SACSCOC Reaffirmation 2024

UNC Greensboro is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Accreditation indicates to internal and external stakeholders that our educational offerings and administrative processes and practices are rigorous, of high quality, and meet the standards set by us and other college and university peers. Successful accreditation allows students to apply for federal financial aid and ensures our eligibility for federal grants and contracts. In short, accreditation is important to all of us.

Beginning this fall, we will start the decennial process to achieve reaffirmation of UNCG’s accreditation.  The reaffirmation process involves the successful completion of three significant steps,  each requiring teams of people and considerable planning: preparing the Compliance Certification, developing a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), and hosting a campus visit.  I invite your participation throughout the reaffirmation process, including the development of UNCG’s next QEP.

A UNCG team of subject matter experts will be identified to lead the drafting of our Compliance Certification, which provides evidence of UNCG’s compliance with all seventy-three of the SACSCOC accreditation principles. The report, to be submitted in fall 2023, will  address almost all areas of the institution.  When the team reaches out to you, please assist with your insights and support. Once established, the list of UNCG subject matter experts will be posted.

While subject matter experts draft the report, UNCG will also develop a QEP that focuses on a particular academic or student success initiative.  Many of you likely remember the impactful Global Engagement QEP we introduced with our last reaffirmation. A QEP team is being identified to lead the effort to solicit and recommend a new QEP topic.  Once established, team members will be introduced and distribute  information to the University community on how one may submit a proposal for consideration as UNCG’s QEP.  This is another great opportunity for UNCG to highlight our commitment to student success, regardless of the topic we select.

Both of those activities culminate with an on-site visit by a committee of SASCOC reviewers in spring of 2024. We look forward to hosting that group of professionals and showing off our beautiful campus and the outstanding work we do. In December of 2024, UNCG should learn the outcome of our reaffirmation efforts.

The Leadership Team composed of Provost Debbie Storrs, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration Bob Shea, Faculty Senate Chair Sarah Daynes, and SACSCOC Institutional Liaison Jodi Pettazzoni will send out periodic updates about UNCG’s progress toward reaffirmation.  If you have any questions about UNCG’s accreditation or the reaffirmation process, please contact Jodi Pettazzoni, UNCG’s institutional liaison to SACSCOC ( Again, I encourage you to participate and thank you in advance for helping when you can in each step of the process.