December 11, 2020

To:  UNCG Faculty

RE: UNC Greensboro 2021-2022 Call for Applications: The Academic Sustainability Coordinator & The Sustainability Faculty Fellow Program


The University of North Carolina System requires each school to develop comprehensive initiatives to address sustainability. At UNC Greensboro, the Academic Sustainability Coordinator and the Sustainability Faculty Fellow Program were created in 2013 to promote sustainability through innovative research, teaching, and service. UNC Greensboro defines sustainability as the enduring interconnectedness of social equity, the environment, economy, and aesthetics. The definition recognizes the deep intertwining of environmental threats (e.g. pollution, biodiversity loss, climate change), economic problems & possibilities (from fiscal constraints to increased efficiency), social equity (i.e., questions of justice and fairness for all people), and aesthetics (the desire to live a good life that respects myriad life-forms and cultures). Sustainability is not limited by any particular discipline, and it encompasses both local and global approaches to problems and solutions.


The Academic Sustainability Coordinator (ASC) leads the development of sustainability initiatives on and off campus with campus and community partners. The goals of the ASC are to increase the quantity and improve the quality of sustainability teaching, research, and outreach at UNC Greensboro. The ASC is a member of the Executive Board of the University Sustainability Council, which also serves a sounding board for initiatives the ASC pursues. The ASC is a 2-year renewable position with a joint appointment between the ASC’s home department, the Provost’s Office, and the Environment & Sustainability Program in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Sustainability. The ASC is remunerated in consultation with the faculty member’s department head and dean based on requested and available resources, which may include funding and/or adjustments to teaching, research, and/or service workloads.

The Sustainability Faculty Fellow (SFF) works on clearly specified projects that may include, but are not limited to, 1) co- or extra-curricular campus programs, 2) curriculum activities (team-taught and/or individual courses), and 3) innovative research projects or collaborations. The SFF Program may accept multiple fellows each year depending on available resources. The SFF position is a  year appointment that is renewable through re-application. Each SFF is remunerated on an ad hoc basis in consultation with the faculty member’s department head and dean based on requested and available resources, which may include funding and/or adjustments to teaching, research, and/or service workloads.

Qualifications for the ASC and SFF:

  • Strong communication & interpersonal skills that foster collaboration.
  • Successful teacher in relevant area(s).
  • Demonstrated interest in relevant research and creative activity.
  • Tenured, tenure-track, or full-time non-ladder faculty (tenured status preferred but not required for ASC).


The tasks of the ASC and SFF may include:
Leadership and outreach:

  • Collaborating with the Office of Sustainability to bridge academics and operations.
  • Engaging the campus, Greensboro, Triad, and beyond in sustainability issues.
  • Serving on relevant committees and collaborating with appropriate campus initiatives.

Research projects and collaborations:

  • Developing intellectual and practical contributions to sustainability efforts.
  • Conducting research to help UNCG become more sustainable.
  • Collaborating to carry out innovative sustainability investigations.

Teaching and curriculum activities:

  • Consulting with faculty and programs to integrate sustainability into curricula.
  • Engaging diverse constituencies in student-centered programming.
  • Teaching and/or guest lecturing.

Application Instructions

Applications are reviewed by the Sustainability Council; appointments are made by the Provost. To apply, submit the following three documents:

  1. Cover letter. Please include the following:
    a)  Indicate the position (ASC or SFF) you are applying for. If you are interested in both the ASC and  SFF positions, then indicate that interest and develop your cover letter accordingly to address a possible appointment as either ASC or SFF.
    b)  Address your strengths with regard to the qualifications outlined above.
    c)  Propose one (or more) sustainability-focused project(s) to pursue during the term as the ASC or SFF.
    d)  Suggest tentative resources and/or possible workload adjustments necessary to pursue the project(s) and fulfill the responsibilities.
  2. Curriculum vitae.
  3. Brief emails from your dean and department head stating their support for your application.

Submit all application materials and additional questions to the Academic Sustainability Coordinator, Dr. Etsuko Kinefuchi at The application deadline for the AY 2021-22 positions, which start in August 2021, is February 1, 2021 by 5:00p.m.