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September 4, 2020


TO:    Deans & Dept. Heads/Chairs

RE:  Policy on Suspended Use of Passenger Vans

Due to concerns stemming from COVID-19, the Chancellor’s Office has issued the following policy statement on the suspended use of passenger vans for transporting students.  Please note the impacts this policy may have on faculty plans for student field trips and ensure that alternative arrangements are made as necessary.  The policy is effective immediately.  Thank you.

Any contact that lasts more than 15 minutes and is within 6 ft of another individual constitutes a ‘close contact’ – if one of those individuals is determined to have the virus and have been in the infectious period during the time of contact, the other(s) must quarantine for 14 days.  It is extremely difficult to maintain a 6 ft radius for multiple individuals in a multiple-passenger vehicle.  Vehicles can also be challenging due to limited airflow.   Because of this, the University will not permit the use of multiple-passenger vans for the transportation of students this semester.