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July 1, 2020



TO:  UNCG Faculty

FROM:  Provost Dana Dunn & Provost Jim Coleman

RE: Syllabus Statement

The Faculty Senate formed a COVID-19 Task Force that was charged with engaging faculty members across campus to hear concerns regarding planning for the Fall semester and then working to address concerns in a manner that ensures coordination within the UNCG community.  This task force includes the Provost, the Chancellor’s office, two faculty senate committees, staff senate, and the presidents of both undergraduate and graduate student associations.

Members of the Task Force felt it was important to include a statement in all course syllabi this Fall that clearly conveyed information on requirements in the classroom regarding behaviors that limit the spread of COVID-19.

The Faculty Senate approved the attached statement and made a recommendation to us that the campus require this statement in all Fall, 2020 course syllabi. We agree with this recommendation.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to the members of the Task Force and the Faculty Senate on their great efforts in working together to craft the attached language.

Please insert the attached language into all Fall 2020 course syllabi.