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April 13, 2020


TO: UNCG Faculty

RE: Course Material Adoptions

During these challenging times, supporting students in attaining successful academic outcomes remains a top priority for everyone at UNCG. As we prepare for a summer session online and look ahead to the fall semester the bookstore needs your assistance in providing information so that we can ensure students have the correct materials, at the most affordable price, by the first day of class. Textbook rentals continue to be the most popular choice for students followed by used books. When you submit adoptions on-time, it allows the bookstore to keep used books on campus, providing the largest selection of rental and used titles.

In order to comply with Section 133 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) and to stock the most affordable course materials on campus, we ask that you make your adoptions before final exams. Visiting FacultyEnlight is the easiest way for you to submit all required, recommended or suggested course materials adoptions to the campus bookstore.

Benefits of Timely Adoptions:

· Allows the bookstore more time to research the most cost-effective textbook options for students (used, rental, digital etc.)

· Adoptions received on or before the due date means more titles available for rent (rentals save students up to 80% off the new textbook price)

· Submitting adoptions by the due date enables students to receive the most for their books during the buyback period at the end of the current term

· When textbook adoptions are listed on the UNCG Bookstore website, students can plan accordingly, whether they purchase their books from the UNCG Bookstore or not. All the prices are listed.

· Students can use their financial aid directly to cover the course material costs through Bookstore Bucks.

· Simplifies the adoption process for you through FacultyEnlight

Bookstore staff are available to support you for summer adoptions or for future planning. If you have any questions or simply want more information, please contact the bookstore using the information below:

Brad Light:
General Manager, UNCG Bookstore