August 29, 2019



TO: UNCG Faculty

RE: Procedures for Professional Development and Support for Online Instructors

A substantial number of UNCG courses utilize hybrid or all-online environments to facilitate student learning.  For those who teach in these environments, delivering instruction of the highest quality is paramount.  In Fall 2018, I charged a working group with developing and vetting a new set of  Procedures for Professional Development and Support for Online Instructors, to become effective Spring 2020. These new Procedures will help us remain current in the ever-evolving online classroom, and they will bring our practice in line with the requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Distance and Correspondence Education Policy requirements.

Online instructors (i.e., faculty, adjunct instructors, graduate students, and EHRA non-faculty instructors) will submit required materials by email to their Unit Representative (i.e., Department Chair/Program Director, or their designee). The Activity Insight faculty activity reporting tool is being modified and will eventually be the record-keeping mechanism. Required forms and resources can be accessed via the links contained within the Procedures document.

I thank the many colleagues who participated in the crafting and careful review of these new Procedures, including representatives from the Faculty Senate; the Instructional Technology Consultants (ITCs); the Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning; UNCG Online; and the University Teaching and Learning Commons. It is my hope that these Procedures will both enhance the expertise of our faculty through professional development opportunities and ensure we continue to deliver the highest quality online instruction.