January 30, 2019


TO:  UNCG Faculty

RE:  Campus Climate Survey

UNC Greensboro is investing in a survey of our undergraduate students to examine student views about campus climate and factors that contribute to student success and belonging. We need your assistance in encouraging students to take the survey, which we are referring to as the “iBelong Campus Climate Survey.”  It is officially the Culturally Engaged Campus Environments (CECE) survey, a project out of the National Institute for Transformation & Equity.  A representative sample of students will be randomly selected to complete the survey.  Later in the semester, all students will have the opportunity to attend focus groups related to campus climate.  As faculty, you can help by posting a message about the iBelong Survey to your course, making announcements in classes, or answering questions about why taking surveys is important.  Students should be instructed to check their email to see if they have been selected for the survey opportunity this year.

The survey will open February 4, 2019, and the selected students will receive an email invitation to participate. Preliminary results will be available later this semester. A full report will be shared with the campus next fall. Together, we can use these results to improve our practices with all students who attend UNC Greensboro.

If you have questions about the iBelong survey or campus climate, please contact Cathy Akens, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, or Julia Mendez Smith, Chancellor’s Fellow for Campus Climate.

Thank you.

Sample message for you to share: Dear Students, please check your email during February for a new opportunity to see if you have been invited to take the iBelong Survey. This brief survey will ask for your thoughts about how to help us meet our goal of providing the best possible learning experience at UNCG for all our students. Together, we can use these results to improve your experience now and for future Spartans.