January 28, 2019


TO: UNCG Faculty

RE: IMPORTANT CourseLeaf Training

This is a reminder to please sign up for training in our new CourseLeaf software which will manage our curriculum review and catalog creation processes.  Sessions are offered Feb. 5 – 8.  The training will be conducted by a member of the CourseLeaf training team, so it will be an opportunity to have an expert step us through the new system.

If you do any of the following for your department, please sign up for a session:

  • CIM End User Training: For anyone who Initiates a curriculum action for their department, including requesting a new course, revision to a course, and program changes.  These workshops are intended for department faculty.
  • CIM Approvers Only Training: For anyone who approves a curriculum change at the department, unit or University level.  This includes department heads, associate deans, and curriculum committee members at all levels.
  • CAT Page Owner Training: For anyone who makes edits to non-curricular content on catalog pages.  This includes faculty and staff in departments and schools/colleges who edit catalog content.

There will be additional trainings offered by the Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning and the Graduate School, but this will be the first opportunity to get into the new system and have it explained by the experts.  If you are undertaking any of these activities (revising curriculum and editing the catalog) this spring, you should be signed up for these workshops.

Sign up for these workshops using this link: https://workshops.uncg.edu/Workshops-By-Category/268

Please contact curriculum@uncg.edu with any questions.