January 16, 2019


TO: UNCG Faculty

RE: IMPORTANT CourseLeaf Curriculum Training

In Fall 2017, UNCG elected to implement the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) and Catalog (CAT) modules of the CourseLeaf system produced by Leepfrog. CIM and CAT are replacing the existing paper-based processes for proposing, reviewing, and approving changes to courses and programs and the annual production of the University Catalog (formerly the undergraduate and graduate bulletins).

The CIM module enables the online submission, editing, tracking, and approval of new and existing courses and programs, and the CAT module addCAT provides the capability to manage the editing and publishing of catalog content to web, mobile, and print (PDF) platforms. An integrated, web-based system, CourseLeaf’s CIM and CAT modules, will significantly enhance UNCG’s curriculum and catalog by providing faculty and staff with a more efficient, accurate, and accessible means of managing the university’s curriculum.

As part of the implementation, on-campus training will be offered by Leepfrog on February 5-8, 2019. Three types of training sessions will be offered:

  • CIM End Users: During this small-group session, the trainer will demonstrate how to make edits to courses and programs in CIM. This is a hands-on session and attendees may follow along with the trainer, using the software as part of the learning process. Participants are also encouraged to bring course and program proposals that they may be working on.
    • Attendees: All faculty who will author course and program proposals in CIM should attend one of these sessions.
  • CIM Approvers: This large group session will instruct those who have an approval role in the curriculum process about how to accomplish their tasks in CIM. The trainer will provide an overview of the CIM module, review the workflow and approval process, and give a brief presentation on the editing tools.
    • Attendees: Faculty who are responsible for approving course and program proposals (e.g. Department Head/Chairs, Associate Deans, Curriculum Committee Chairs) should attend one of these sessions.
  • CAT Page Owners: In this session, the trainer will provide an overview of the CAT module and demonstrate how to make edits to non-curricular content on catalog pages. This is a hands-on session, and attendees may follow along with the trainer, using the software as part of the learning process. Participants are also encouraged to bring edits they are working on for the 2019-2020 catalog edition to the session.
    • Attendees: Department and college/school staff or faculty who have been designated as catalog content/page manager or owners should attend one of these sessions.

The sessions will not be in a lab and a laptop is required.  ITS will provide a limited number of laptops by request.   Please register for sessions at your earliest convenience at workshops.uncg.edu.

The implementation of CourseLeaf CIM and CAT is an exciting initiative that provides UNCG with a system that will enhance our ability to manage our curriculum and catalog. I encourage all faculty and staff to take advantage of the upcoming on-campus training to learn about how to utilize the capabilities of this new system. Please visit provost.uncg.edu/coursleaf/ (available January 18th) for additional information on the implementation and the training. Questions may be directed to Kristine Sunda, Executive Director of the Integrated Futures Team.