September 19, 2018


To: Department Heads/Chairs

RE: UNCG Faculty Credentialing and Verification Policy Update

Attached is an update to UNCG’s Faculty Credentialing and Verification Policy. The policy has been revised to include a definition of the term, “Instructor of Record” (lOR).  You will also note in the “Process” section of this revised policy an explanation of the lOR’s responsibilities when working with support staff and teaching assistants in classrooms, labs, and recitation sections.  Please distribute this policy to all faculty and monitor compliance with it, effective immediately.

For questions about this policy, please contact Dr. Jodi Pettazzoni, Associate Vice Provost and Director of the Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning at jepettaz@uncg .edu.

Please also remember that when a faculty member teaches a course with content they have never taught before, they must be credentialed anew for that course, even if the course is within the same department or program where they normally teach.

For questions about faculty credentialing, please contact Ms. Andrea Whitley at or Ms. Suzanne Angel at in Faculty Personnel Services.

Faculty Credentialing and Verification Policy