Todd Zakrajsek, Associate Professor in the UNC Department of Family Medicine and Director of regional Lilly Evidence-Based Teaching & Learning Conferences, visits UNCG to discuss how our understanding of the brain helps us to develop strategies for engagement in the classroom.  Please follow this link to reserve your spot at this workshop, held 2-3:30pm in the UNCG Faculty Center.

When awake, the human brain is constantly in motion, looking for interesting and useful information. Without even thinking about it our brains are sorting experiences and information into categories and making decisions about what to delete and what to store or later use.  Much of the monitoring, searching, sorting and storing is done without us even realizing that it is happening. In this session, we will explore some fascinating and fundamental aspects of human learning.  We will discuss and through demonstrations experience what happens when the brain automatically and effortlessly processes information, and also under which circumstances it automatically shuts down.  At the heart of this will be applications to the classroom.

How does the Puma relate to all of this? You will find out this afternoon!