We are pleased to welcome the following new faculty to the UNCG campus (updated August 21, 2017):

Bryan School of Business and Economics

Accounting and Finance

Ms. Tammy L. Edington
Dr. Randal J. Elder (Department Head)
Dr. Lijun Lei
Mr. Joshua P. Moore

Consumer Apparel/Retail Studies

Ms. Anne M. Wood


Dr. Berrak Bahadir
Ms. Amelia S. Hopkins

Information Systems & Supply Chain Management

Ms. Mary C. Chauvin
Dr. Gurpreet S. Dhillon (Department Head)


Dr. Michael A. Beitler
Dr. Dane P. Blevins
Mr. John J. Ceneviva
Dr. Jason R. Pierce
Dr. Madelynn R. D. Stackhouse

Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, and Tourism Management

Dr. Suleyman C. Bahadir
Ms. Monti J. Beasley
Ms. Karae L. Foddrell
Ms. Sara B. Macsween
Dr. Cheryl-Ann C. Nakata

College of Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Dr. Sarah A. Krive


Dr. Sarah E. Koerner
Dr. Maria Christina D. Moreira

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Dr. Huiyuan Hu

Communication Studies

Dr. Kristen T. Christman
Dr. Cristiane S. Damasceno
Ms. Jenny Southard

Computer Science

Mr. Lance M. Everhart


Dr. Heather B. Adams
Ms. Lilit Berberyan
Mr. Aaron K. Beveridge
Mr. David M. Hough
Mr. Cody H. Lee
Ms. Meghan H. McGuire
Dr. Jennifer M. Park
Ms. Emilia A. Phillips
Mr. Vaughn R. Stewart
Ms. Katelyn J. Wilkinson


Dr. Thomas W. Patterson


Dr. David M. Wight

Interior Architecture

Ms. Kristen B. Raizada
Mr. Khoi N. Vo (Department Head)

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Ms. Liliana Lira-Rivera
Ms. Molly R. Reininger

Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Yu-Min Chung
Mrs. Monika Goel
Dr. Mauricio A. Rivas
Dr. Yi Zhang

Physics & Astronomy

Mr. Joel C. Shaw

Political Science

Dr. Alan H. Bacot


Dr. Virginia M. Baker-Russell

Religious Studies

Mr. Erik Dreff


Dr. David A. Kauzlarich (Department Head)

Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Daniel B. Coleman Chavez

College of Visual and Performing Arts


Ms. Rachele Riley
Dr. Andrew F. Wasserman
Mr. Dane R. Winkler

Arts Administration

Ms. Hannah A. Grannemann Isaac


Mr. Maurice Watson
Ms. Clarice C. Young


Mr. Philip J. Murphy

School of Education

Counseling & Educational Development

Dr. Alwin E. Wagener

Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations

Dr. Sophia C. Rodriguez

Educational Research Methodology

Dr. Kyung Yong Kim

Library & Information Studies

Dr. Sonia M. Archer-Capuzzo
Dr. April M. Dawkins
Ms. Lori Special

Specialized Education Services

Dr. Susan H. Hedges
Dr. Kara B. Holden
Dr. Debra G. Holzberg
Ms. Jennifer B. Johnson
Ms. Jennifer L. Jones

Teacher Education-Higher Education

Dr. Melinda G. Ivey

School of Health & Human Sciences

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Dr. Laura W. Plexico (Department Chair)

Human Development & Family Studies

Dr. Jennifer L. Coffman


Dr. William M. Adams
Dr. Adam P. Berg
Dr. Eric S. Drollette
Dr. Jaclyn P. Maher


Dr. Jared T. McGuirt

Social Work

Dr. Elise K. Eifert
Mr. Michael A. Thull

Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering

Dr. Tetyana Ignatova

School of Nursing

Adult Health Nursing

Ms. Nakia C. Best
Dr. Kirk Evans
Dr. Catherine I. Sykes
Dr. Marie H. Thomas

Family and Community Nursing

Ms. Beth H. Ashworth
Ms. Sarah F. Grenon
Dr. Ratchneewan Ross
Dr. Kelly D. Stamp (Department Chair)
Mrs. Lindsay E. Vance

University Libraries

Ms. Tiffany N. Henry
Ms. Margaret H. Murphy