A UNCG-led spaceflight experiment – that may ultimately help humans grow plants on Mars and the Moon — launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Saturday, June 3. Dr. John Z. Kiss, Dean of UNCG’s College of Arts and Sciences, serves as a co- investigator for the experiment, funded by a grant from NASA.

Watch Dr. Kiss’ interview on Triad Today. (via YouTube)

Read the May 31, 2017 Campus Weekly article to learn more about the Seedling Growth-3 (SpaceX-11) project.

Visit the NASA site for more information on the Seedling Growth-3 (SpaceX-11) project.

Read about the June 5 SpaceX CRS-11 launch and flight on the NASA Spaceflight site.

(Adapted from the May 31, 2017, UNCGNow article.)