Reading Day Event! Join the UTLC for a day with Dr. Todd Zakrajsek **Today in SOEB 202
10:00 – 11:30am, SOEB 202
Fast, Fun, and Easy Ways to Write Learning Outcomes: Strategic Teaching for Better Student Learning   —  For this session we will start with a solid application of Backward Design and then an opportunity to learn quick and easy ways to write outcomes for any class.  The major focus for this session is to help faculty members to better understand why outcomes should be written, easy ways to write them, and then how to use the resulting information to constantly improve teaching and learning.
1:00 – 2:30pm, SOEB 202
Developing Better Outcomes: Common Questions and Evidence-Based Answers – This session is designed to be an informal approach to addressing common challenges with respect to student learning outcomes. Often, individuals mistakenly think that informal means there won’t be a structure.  In this session we will certainly have a structure, but also a significant amount of time to address the specific challenges UNCG faculty are facing with respect to writing student learning outcomes.