The Coleman Foundation Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellows program extends self-employment education across 17 university and college campuses. Faculty Fellows are typically professors from outside the school of business at their institution. They engage in the development of courses and leadership of projects in support of entrepreneurship education on their campus, inspiring students in non-business disciplines to gain self-employment skills and experience. 

W. Noah Reynolds is UNCG’s Coleman Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and he would like to assist faculty and students in incorporating or “infusing” an element of entrepreneurship into the classroom. He has taught Family Business and Feasibility Analysis (business model/business plan) classes at UNCG and can discuss specific topics around the marketing, financing, and operations of starting a new business, as well as legal, accounting, human resource, or organization aspects.  Another benefit of working with the Coleman Entrepreneur-in-Residence is that he is able to provide contacts and connections to the Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism Department and one-on-one mentoring for students who are considering starting a new business.

If you are interested in having Reynolds come speak to your class during the spring 2017 semester, please contact him at (336) 971-1600 or via email at

Visit the Bryan School’s Entrepreneurship site to learn more about the program and its successful students.