Each record is a hyperlink which can be selected.  When selected, more information displays. See screenshots below:

For each proposal record, you should see the following fields populated:

  • Proposal ID
  • Title
  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Extramural Grant (Yes/No)
  • Current Status
  • Amount Requested
  • Amount Awarded (will populate if/when an award is granted)
  • Abstract
  • Investigators
  • Date Submitted for Internal Review
  • Date Submitted for Funding (will populate if/when a proposal is submitted for funding)
  • Date Awarded (will populate if/when an award is granted)

You are able to enter data into the following fields:

  • Type
  • Explanation of Other (if you selected Other as Type)
  • Funding Comments
  • Start Date of Funding
  • End Date of Funding

You are able to select the check boxes (if applicable) for the following:

  • Grant focused on pedagogical topics/innovations?
  • Involves Community Engagement
  • Involves Directed Professional Activity
  • Involves Undergraduate Research