The degrees screen displays your degree records (example below):

Each record is a hyperlink which can be selected. When selected, more information displays. See screenshot below:

For each degree record, you should see the following fields populated:

  • Data Completed
  • Degree
  • Institution
  • City, State, and Country
  • Is this a terminal degree?

If adjustments need to be made, please submit a request through the Activity Insight Data Issue form.

You are able to enter data into the following fields:

  • Emphasis/Major
  • Add additional emphasis/major records (by clicking the +Add button)
  • Supporting Areas of Emphasis
  • Dissertation/Thesis Title
  • Honor/Distinction
  • Highest Degree Earned?
  • Additional Details
  • Transcript (you can upload a transcript if you choose)
  • Advisor Information
  • Additional Advisors (by clicking the +Add button)
  • Associated Coursework
  • Additional Associate Coursework (by clicking the +Add button)