September 12, 2018

TO: UNCG Faculty and Academic Administrators
FR: Alan Boyette
Senior Vice Provost

RE: Implementation Update — Activity Insight (AI) Faculty Activity Reporting Tool

In Spring 2018, Provost Dunn announced the University’s plans for implementation of the Activity Insight (AI) faculty activity reporting tool. This project, which moves our faculty activity tracking and reviews into an automated, web-based format, was initiated to streamline processes, save faculty time, and improve data accuracy. Successful implementation will eliminate our current practice of redundant data entry into multiple systems that are plagued with data maintenance and synchronization challenges, providing a consolidated, reliable repository of faculty information.

Following last Spring’s presentations to and conversations with UNCG’s deans, department heads, and Faculty Senate, a pilot group of faculty members was appointed to work over the summer with AI project staff in design and implementation of the reporting tool. A lot has happened since then, and therefore I wish to provide a brief update on these efforts and a projected timeline for future activities.

AI screens and workflows have been designed to match UNCG’s institutional policies and processes for faculty annual review, which feed into other review processes, such as promotion & tenure and post-tenure review. For all academic units except the Bryan School of Business & Economics, the AI implementation thus far has focused on reviews for tenured and tenure-track faculty only. The exception for the Bryan School is due to its ongoing preparation for professional accreditation review, which requires data for both tenure-stream and non-tenure-stream faculty.

The Fall 2018 promotion & tenure review will continue to be administered using our Canvas course management system. All future cycles for Annual Review, Reappointment, Promotion and/or Tenure, and Post-tenure Review will take place in Activity Insight.

Going forward, we anticipate the following project milestones.

Estimated TimeframeActivity
October 2018Training in how to enter and/or import data into AI will be offered for all tenure-stream faculty (and for Bryan School non-tenure-stream faculty).
January 2019Bryan School will conduct its 2018 Annual Review process using Activity Insight. (Bryan School annual reviews are conducted on a calendar-year basis.)
February 2019AI data entry will begin for tenure-stream faculty in all academic units. Project staff will also assist with importing of relevant data residing in other systems.
May 2019All faculty in units conducting academic-year annual reviews and all faculty undergoing post-tenure review will be reviewed using data entered/imported into AI.
Aug.-Dec. 2019Faculty undergoing Reappointment or P&T (RPT) review in Fall 2019 will be the first RPT cohorts reviewed using data entered/imported into AI.
January 2020All faculty in units conducting 2019 calendar-year annual reviews will be reviewed using data entered/imported into AI.
AY 2019-20Academic Year Training and data entry/import will be made available for non-tenure-stream faculty in 2019-20 all academic units.

If you have questions about the Activity Insight project, I encourage you to reach out to your academic unit’s representative on the Activity Insight Advisory Committee. Members of this committee, as well as the Activity Insight Project Core Team, are identified below.

Activity Insight Advisory Committee

Anthony Cipolone, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Stan Faeth, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
William Brown, Associate Dean, Bryan School of Business & Economics
Jewell Cooper, Associate Dean, School of Education
Kathy Williams, Associate Dean, School of Health & Human Sciences
Larissa Witmer, Assistant Dean, School of Health & Human Sciences
Lynne Lewallen, Associate Dean, School of Nursing
Anna Craft, Coordinator of Metadata Services, University Libraries
Lawrence Jenkens, Associate Dean, College of Visual & Performing Arts
Daniel Herr, Nanoscience Department Chair, Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering

Project Core Team

Alan Boyette, Senior Vice Provost
Kelly Burke, Vice Provost & Dean of the Graduate School
Michael Gaines, Registrar
Lee Norris, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Applications
Kristine Sunda, Project Director for Digital Measures Implementation