Read Provost Dunn’s memo from March 26, 2018 regarding Activity Insight at UNCG. UNCG’s implementation of Activity Insight for faculty activity tracking and reviews is underway.
There is a pilot this year to be followed by wider faculty adoption in 2019-2020.

In Spring 2018, UNCG elected to adopt Activity Insight by Digital Measures as the university-wide solution for faculty activity tracking and reporting. Activity Insight promises substantial benefits by helping the University streamline processes and improve data as we move faculty activity tracking and reviews into an enterprise system. Successful implementation will eliminate highly manual processes reliant on tools that are not automated and/or designed to accommodate those processes. It will help us avoid redundant data entry into multiple systems with data maintenance and synchronization challenges. Instead, Activity Insight will use data feeds from existing systems (e.g., Banner) as we build a consolidated, reliable repository for faculty credential, activity, and review information.

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