What is “new and improved” about this process?
Facilities Design and Construction, Facilities Operations, the Office of Safety, and Space Utilization and Planning have jointly developed a process to speed up your request and to develop answers as quickly as possible to any renovation or space requests you may have. The process is designed to give you weekly status updates, to give you reasonable time lines, and to carefully address your needs . From beginning to the end we value your feedback and ideas.

Are there different requirements or timelines for different projects?
Based on the North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) the following considerations are relevant:

  • Repairs costing less than $100,000 may be funded with appropriated operating funds.
  • Repairs costing more than $100,000 but less than $300,000 may be funded with appropriated operating funds, however funding for these repairs requires previous approval of OSBM in Raleigh.
  • Repairs costing more than $300,000 may NOT be funded with appropriated operating funds, except for emergencies declared by the Chancellor.
  • Repairs costing more than $300,000 constitute capital improvement projects and may be funded with carry forward funds or non appropriated funds (grants, gifts, receipts, for example). Capital improvement projects require administrative approval from UNC General Administration, OSBM, and the General Assembly’s joint subcommittee on governmental operations. The process for securing administrative approval for a capital project takes approximately between 45 and 60 days.

Can I still talk to the staff I have come to value at either offices?
We ask only that any formal request go through one of the automated intake forms. This allows us to track progress on your job. Any informal consultation you wish to seek from staff you have worked with is certainly possible. However, to expedite your project at the most efficient pace, we need to receive the central intake request. That form allows us to track progress and alerts us to possible time lines.

How will I know who my contact is, and how do I reach them?
You will receive a regular update on your project with timelines and a contact name. Feel free to contact them anytime.

With all these different Offices involved, who do I contact with concerns?
As stated, you should always know who your contact is from the weekly updates you receive. However, you may also call the Directors of Facilities Design and Construction, Facilities Operations or Space Utilization and Planning. We are very interested in addressing any issues you have, and we want to improve our services with your ideas.

What assurance do I have that the time lines and estimate numbers are reliable?
There are national and regional models to provide estimates and we commit to deliver your project within the margins specified in your final project estimate. Depending on the size and complexity of your request we have established procedures that we expect will deliver a good planning context within your specified business needs and time requirements.

Why do projects take so long?
There are aspects of a project that we control here on campus, and there are others where we have to seek approval from various other regulatory agencies. We have streamlined all aspects of projects that we control on campus and we believe you will find drastically improved performance. We are also working on refining our end of working with regulatory agencies.

Can I request a specific Project Manager for my project?
Project Managers vary in their experience and the work load they carry at any given time, and we try to assure the best possible match for your needs. You may request a specific staff, but we cannot assure their availability.