Please be advised that at the present time, FDC is maintaining a backlog of projects and your Renovation Project Request will be placed in the queue. Service on queued projects is prioritized based upon safety, asset risk, programming, and funding availability.  At such time as resources become available, you will be notified by your assigned Project Manager.

The space requests and renovation requests have now been separated into two different forms. You will receive a confirmation of your request with your project number. Any inquiries from the client must contain your project number.

These forms will aid in all aspects of your facilities related requests, from:

  • Requests for additional space
  • Requesting preliminary estimates to allow you to plan for the scope of a project
  • Final estimates for committing funds
  • Small or larger renovation needs
  • Requesting review of furniture purchases
  • Design and project management services

All steps are designed to keep you informed as to progress, and to give you reliable estimates as to time and resources required to deliver your project in time and on budget.

Additional Information