Project completion in time for payment by the end of the fiscal year takes planning. The document below provides the cut-off dates for submitting project requests for the current fiscal year in order for state-funded projects to be completed and payments processed before deadlines.

The Space and Renovation Request Form and its related process has been in place since 2011. We have found this process to be very successful and are now redesigning our forms. The process has not changed but the forms will look different. The space request and renovation request are now two different forms. You will now select the form up front rather than selecting the section of the form to use. Most of the changes are taking place on the back end. Those that track this process will now be able to collect the data automatically that you are creating in your request. You will still receive a confirmation of your request with your project number. Any inquiries from the client must contain your project number.

As in the past the form is to facilitate all aspects of your facilities related requests, from:

  • requests for additional space
  • requests for patching and painting
  • requesting preliminary estimates to allow you to plan for the scope of a project
  • final estimates for committing funds
  • small or larger renovation needs
  • the review of furniture purchases
  • design and project management services

Every step in these processes is designed to keep you informed as to progress, and to give you reliable estimates as to time and resources required to deliver your project in time and on budget.

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