In 1998 UNC system adopted space guidelines recommended by Eva Klein & Associates, Ltd. This document details the guidelines UNCG follows when assessing office and learning spaces.

This document provides guidelines for the following Space Utilization and Planning functions

  • Space and room allocations
  • Leasing property
  • Research space guidelines
  • Space Planning Council
  • Executive Space Committee
  • The role of Space Utilization and Planning in the moving process

Warehouse space at Becher-Weaver provides off-site storage for items that cannot be accommodated on campus. This space is to be used for items that are accessed on a regular basis or for temporary storage.

Maintaining classrooms is the responsibility of several campus departments. This document will assist in getting you in touch with the right department to address your classroom issues.

The analysis of space is essential in decision making for allocations and future planning. This document provides and explanation of the importance of utilization of space at UNCG and the criteria applied for review and assignment of space requests.