The Office of Space Utilization and Planning (OSM) is a support oriented administrative unit with a strong customer service orientation. Take a minute to read our information page. Our forms have a new look, but no changes have been made to the process.

The purpose of our office:

  • Providing the official UNCG building numbers, room numbers and the facility abbreviation codes.
  • Maintaining the official space inventory and building floor plans.
  • Providing basic facility information, including addresses, floor plans and basic space use statistics on behalf of UNCG.

Space assignments and analyses:

  • Addressing space requests both pro-actively and on request.
  • Coordinating space assignments, both long term and on a semester basis for all dedicated spaces.
  • Participating in long and medium term space needs planning and assessments.
  • Providing consultation services on space use questions.
  • Developing unit-based to campus-wide custom analytic reports on space use, needs or efficiency measures.
  • Creating graphic support functions for facility related information needs, including customized floor plans, location indicators, or other drawings on request.

Planning and implementation:

  • Providing preliminary consultation and conceptual approval on planned renovations, and facilitating renovation requests in conjunction with Facilities Operations.
  • Administering relocation and move assistance on request.
  • Managing the Becher-Weaver storage warehouse, and providing storage space as appropriate.