The Academic Resources & Budget unit of the Office of the Provost reports to the Senior Vice Provost. Our chief responsibilities are:

  • to develop and create budget plans for the Division of Academic Affairs, integrating academic and fiscal planning in the development of new academic and service programs and expansion of existing ones, and to carry out the Provost’s plans for allocation of fiscal resources. These resources include faculty and staff positions, operating funds, funds used for discretionary purposes that accrue from unrestricted gifts and University investment income, and indirect cost recovery funds. Planning for and initiating procedures for the development of annual salary, operating, and equipment budgets is a responsibility of our unit.
  • to plan, direct, and assist in the implementation of fiscal procedures, methods, and systems in the Academic Affairs instructional and service units.
  • to provide ongoing administration of fiscal resources in Academic Affairs.
  • to ensure compliance with regulations of the Board of Governors and the Board of Trustees in the realm of salary administration for EPA employees.
  • to manage SPA staff resources in the Division of Academic Affairs.
  • to manage, within the Human Resources System (HRS), the demographic and budgetary data related to all EPA positions in the University.
  • to provide administrative and technical support in the realm of management of space assigned to the Division of Academic Affairs.

We carry the major responsibility for management of the vast operational functions of academic budgeting, ensuring that activities occur in a timely fashion, that resources are managed efficiently and effectively, that appropriate consultation is built into the activities, and that information is developed to support the decision making of the Provost and other academic administrators. We serve as key managerial and technical consultants to the administration of the Division of Academic Affairs, including deans, directors, and associate provosts, on matters of fiscal and resource management, and the effective and efficient control, operation, and management of the academic budget function.